Batiking & Sewing Center (Cape Coast)
Martina Obeng , a Global Mama since 2009

When Martina Obeng decided to become a seamstress, she wanted to get it right. Before opening her own shop, Martina spent years attending vocational school and training under her veteran sister. This preparation paid off, as Tina’s Fashion Center is now bustling with work and Global Mamas orders. Martina is grateful for how far she has come since becoming a Mama. "Global Mamas is helping me in more ways than I could have imagined.” She reflects, “I can now provide better for my children.  They are good people that have taught me skills like bookkeeping and making quality goods, which are helping me advance my reputation and thus my business." 

Cape Coast is home to our largest production location and was the first Global Mamas location. It was here that our founding Mamas came together in 2003 to produce the first Global Mamas product line. Today the Cape Coast Global Mamas community comprises nearly 100 independent, women-owned businesses. In Cape Coast our Mamas are batikers and seamstresses who work from their own shops or from their homes.