Tie Dye Patterns
The Global Mamas tie dye directions will illustrate three different tie dye patterns: Tying, Squeezing and Stitching. Keep in mind that these how to tie dye directions are just suggestions. Vary these tie dye patterns to produce other amazing tye dye results! Find out how to tie dye like the Global Mamas in Ghana, West Africa.

Tie Dye Patterns: Tying
  • For such tie dye patterns, lie your tie dye item or fabric out neatly on a flat surface.
  • Fold the tye dye item lengthwise, like a fan. The more you fold, the more the tie dye patterns will repeat.
  • Fold the tie dye item again height-wise. You can fold it in rectangles, or in triangles (see video).
  • Where you want the tie dye patterns to be, tie a rubber band or piece of thick string around the item very tightly.
  • Soak your fabric in water. Dye the fabric according to the dye instructions. Allow the fabric to drip dry for ten minutes before you untie it.
  • Untie your project to reveal your unique tie dye patterns! Rinse the fabric.
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Tye dye: folding & tying method

Final product: folding & tying