Tie Dye Techniques
Other tie dye techniques, in addition to "tying" shown on the previous page, are Squeezing and Stitching. You can be extremely creative in making your own tye dye patterns to produce other amazing tie dye fabric like the Global Mamas in Africa!
  • For these tye dye patterns, moisten your fabric until it is slightly wet.
  • Lay the fabric out flat on a work surface. Using your fingers, squeeze and twist the fabric into peaks. You can make a few large peaks, or several small ones.
  • Prepare your dye and spoon it onto the fabric. Use different colors for the peaks and valleys. You need not cover all the fabric in dye -- leaving some un-dyed enhances the tye dye patterns.
  • Let the dye soak for about 20 minutes. Pick the cloth off the table to reveal the tye dye patterns using the squeezing tie dye techniques!
  • Following the dye instructions, rinse and then let dry.
Tie Dye Patterns: Stitching
  • These tye dye patterns involve sewing long stitches into a simple design and then bunching the fabric along the seams.
  • You will need a large needle and twine or very thick thread tripled or quadrupled over itself. The thicker the string, the more visible your design will be.
  • For more precise tye dye patterns, sketch your design out using a pencil.
  • Tie a very thick knot at the end of the thread. Using a single strand, sew large stitches, at least a quarter inch, along the entire length of your design.
  • One stitch at a time, pull the fabric back towards the knot until it is bunched up. Pull the fabric as tight as possible. Secure the thread with another thick knot. If a stitch falls out, re-thread it through the already-bunched fabric.
  • Dye the fabric according to the dye instructions. Allow the fabric to drip dry for ten minutes before you untie it.
  • Cut the stitches out to reveal your tye dye patterns using the stitching tie dye techniques. Rinse it out according to the dye instructions.
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Squeezing the fabric

Final product: squeezing

Stitching the fabric

Final product: stitching