Volunteer in Africa

Videography and Film Production Volunteer Opportunities in Africa

Videography & Film Production


The success of Global Mamas very much depends on our ability to convey the impact of our work through videos. Videography projects include:

  • Share our Mamas' personal stories through videos capturing aspects of their professional and family lives and highlighting their achievements.
  • Update the Meet the Mamas section of our website with fresh videos and stories.
  • Tell the Global Mamas' story through videos capturing the work we do at each location or showcasing special projects.
  • Educate consumers on our production processes in textiles, recycled glass beads, and shea butter skin care products by documenting the process through video.
  • Help us communicate with donors by creating videos that document the success (and challenges – we want to be real) of donor funded projects.
  • Get to know us and make recommendations for other videography projects.

Past Videography & Film Production Projects

Karlijn Krijgsman - Marketing and Media volunteer in Africa

Karlijn Krijgsman
Leiden, The Netherlands

In 2004 Karlijn took the lead in producing a video documenting Global Mamas' work in Ghana. Karlijn completed the video through the following steps:

  • Created a script for an organizational video that conveys the work that Global Mamas is doing in Ghana, and prompts consumers to buy products to contribute to African women's dignity, not charity.
  • Interviewed and filmed several women entrepreneurs working with Global Mamas to hear their stories and learn about their daily lives.

"Working with the women taught me about strength and commitment. They are very dedicated and focused on their goals. Like Esther, one of the Global Mamas told me, 'Life in Cape Coast is hard. It's like living in a desert; but we'll manage. If you're not strong and you just sit down, your children will die. But I'm a strong woman and I'm happy with my job because I don't have to depend on anybody but myself. And now I can help other people.' And that's what life is all about, helping each other."